3 Causes French Revolution Essay

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David Thomson argued that the bourgeoisie and peasantry had "something to lose, not merely something to gain" in their demands for a fairer society and this fear too was a major factor in the revolutionary situation.

A growing number of the French citizenry had absorbed the ideas of "equality" and "freedom of the individual" as presented by Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Denis Diderot and other philosophers and social theorists of the Age of Enlightenment.

Few of these owned enough land to support a family and most were forced to take on extra work as they were poorly paid laborers on larger farms.

There were regional differences but, by and large, French peasants were generally better off than those in countries like Russia or Poland.

Describe Lafayette’s background, attributes and political values.

To what extent did he truly represent the revolution in France? Evaluate the political leadership of Honore Mirabeau in the revolution between June 1789 and his death in April 1791.What were the outcomes of this event, in both real and symbolic terms? What were the causes and outcomes of the Great Fear? On the surface, the relocation of the royal family from Versailles to Paris, a few miles away, seems a minor event. Why did the king and his family relocate and what impact did this have on the revolution? Examine the background, motives and political values of those who sat in the National Constituent Assembly between 1789 and its dissolution in 1791. What steps did the National Constituent Assembly take to abolish or replace the political institutions and social inequalities of the ? While many aspects of the French Revolution have been forgotten or discredited, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen has endured.Was this event evidence that the French peasantry was a revolutionary class? Why did the newly formed National Constituent Assembly move to abolish feudalism in France on August 4th? Summarise the political values and ideas contained in this critical document. The most influential political figure of 1789-1791, argue many historians, is the Marquis de Lafayette.The essence of the revolutionary situation which existed in France in the 1780s was the bankruptcy of the king, and hence the state.This economic crisis was due to the rapidly increasing costs of government and to the overwhelming costs incurred by fighting two major wars: the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War.Even so, hunger was a daily problem which became critical in years of poor harvest and the condition of most French peasants was poor.The fundamental issue of poverty was aggravated by social inequality as all the third estate[peasants,artisans such as shoe makers, pastry cooks and daily wage workers] were liable to pay taxes, from which the nobility could claim immunity, and feudal dues payable to a local seigneur or lord.The American Revolution demonstrated that it was plausible for Enlightenment ideas about how a government should be organized to actually be put into practice.Some American diplomats, like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, had lived in Paris, where they consorted freely with members of the French intellectual class.Did this body suffer from internal failings – or was it simply a victim of treacherous times? Discuss the fate of the moderate leaders Mirabeau, Lafayette and Bailly during the radical period. Explain how radical writers like Jean-Paul Marat and Camille Desmoulins influenced the development of the new society between 17. What were the political clubs and what role did they play in the evolving new society? What impact did the events of this day have on French government and society? Evaluate the fate of the king between June 1791 and his execution in January 1793. Referring to at least three specific events, explain how they influenced the national government between 17. Explain the composition of the National Convention and its various political divisions and factions. In what ways was French society reformed and reinvented between 17? How did this body come to possess arbitrary power – and what did it do with this power? Identify and discuss three events or factors that you believe were the most significant causes of the Reign of Terror. Explain the purpose and operation of the Paris Revolutionary Tribunal.What were the events and factors that undermined their leadership? How did France come to find itself at war with other European powers from 1792 onwards? Could Louis XVI have saved himself – or was he already doomed? Identify and discuss five elements of the and its society that were abolished or reformed by the National Convention. How did these change as the Terror intensified in late 17? Discuss the arguments advanced by Robespierre and his followers to justify the use of revolutionary terror. What was the Cult of the Supreme Being and how successful was it in achieving its objectives? According to one historian, the revolution began to “eat its own children” in early 1794.


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