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Lessons often begin with warm-up questions and typically conclude with a quiz or sample problems (and the answers), so the material is explained and reinforced.The site also offers interactive aids for more than 100 common textbooks.

SOS Math also offers excellent practice quizzes to let students learn by trial and error.Spark Notes' quizzes received great scores in our testing for their ability to reinforce material and pinpoint areas in need of review, however.Overall, this is a fine tutorial site for students looking for a short, simple review.Take note: Finding a topic (particularly the quizzes) is easier via the search engine than by basic navigation.-- This Website has a very simple layout, so students struggling with math — from basic addition to statistics — won't be frustrated by their search for help.For educational help for the younger set, try visiting the Infoplease sister site, Factmonster.Geared toward high schoolers, Spark Notes is a bit limited: The site has a not-so-in-depth math section (touching on subjects from pre-algebra to calculus BC) and short biology, chemistry, and physics sections for science, and the only English materials are on the site's "Spark Charts" (review sheets available for download for each).This site was very useful in solving the two more advanced math problems in our tests (lower-level math isn't covered here).Int Math offers clear tutorials, examples, and follow-up problems to ensure that teens grasp the subject at hand.This site, aimed at students in grades 9 and up, provides an abundance of examples for algebra, matrices, calculus, and everything in between, without being overwhelming — kids can choose to either display additional examples if needed or keep them hidden.While SOS Math touched on each of our three sample math questions, the lessons provided only a brief overview, which may not be enough for a student who needs more explanation.


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