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Many research papers with very interesting topics are published every day.However, how can we know that the authors of these papers mainly themselves developed projects or wrote research paper?The main aim of any paper is to create absolutely unique text.

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We can highlight such forms of academic dishonesty in this essay on dishonesty: Plagiarism is one of the common forms of academic dishonesty.

Papers of students are great example of plagiarism’s existence.

From this, we can make such conclusion that academic dishonesty is the pressing issue of copyright.

The main aim of this academic dishonesty essay is to examine the forms of academic dishonesty and methods of struggle with it. If we talk about academic dishonesty, we should mention academic honesty at first.

Scientific research is the best example of practical activity. In this case, violator finds the results of scientific research of other authors and corrects them in such way, that they can be valuable for him.

History knows many examples of falsification of various facts.Majority of students just copy the texts of other authors into their own paper, which is great example of plagiarism.In common words, plagiarism is grabbing the ideas of other author and statement, that it is your own idea.Nevertheless, majority of students did not consider plagiarism or cheating as shameful occupation.What types of actions can we refer to academic dishonesty now?Generally, plagiarism plays on the field of copyright. Fabrication or falsification of scientific research is the next form of academic dishonesty.Usually aim of any research paper is to prove theoretical material with the help of practice.Usually academic deception means lack of conscience of person.Students are great example of this form of academic dishonesty.Especially, when the topic is difficult for understanding.Sometimes, students just forget about citations of other authors as an object of copyright.


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