All My Sons Essay On Joe Keller

If Keller had however respected responsibility, he would in my view be a true tragic hero; a well respected and caring man who's only downfall was in his error of judgment.Joe Keller is a man who loves and values his family very much and has sacrificed everything, including his honour, in his struggle to make his family prosperous.

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In the beginning he was portrayed as a loving family man and a well respected member of the community.

On the other hand, though Keller may have appeared the loving, caring, family man; he also allowed his partner to go to jail when it fact, he was the man guilty of allowing the broken airplane parts to be shipped out and the one who did not accept true responsibility for his actions.

Nonetheless, Miller probably wrote it this way to especifically criticise the American dream.

Keller, in the end commits suicide either because of his feeling of guiltiness or because he can´t face the society, we never get to know.

I don't see Joe as a hero of any kind, but I guess we all view events and people in different ways. Did he allow his partner to go to jail when it fact he should have gone himself? Did he commit suicide in order to "save" himself from the judgement of others? Yes, but this was far more than an error in judgement.

Joe was guilty of a crime that was covered up for years. Had his poor judgement stopped with the death of airmen defending our country..........The reader sees how Keller places his family in front of society.At the end of All my sons Keller disappears offstage and shoots himself.In conclusion, I think Joe Keller is a tragic hero who has been updated to our age, as he is no longer a noble man but a rich ordinary man.In the play we find out that Joe Keller was a man, guilty of a crime that was covered up for years.When he reads, when he speaks, when he listens, it is with the terrible concentration of the uneducated man for whom there is still wonder in many commonly known things, a man whose judgments must be dredged out of experience and a peasant-like common sense.A man among men." The description of Joe as a simpleton comes up again and again throughout the play.However, one way or another, his death restores his family´s life.He can be compared with a Greek tragic hero, for example, Macbeth, who is liked by everybody, who has a flaw and who dies at the end because of his error; just like Keller.However, there are some aspects of Keller that do not put up with the traditional tragic hero, for example, his fact that he is not noble.Keller is a "self-made" man who has become rich as a consequence of the American dream and probably war too.


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