Analysis And Problem Solving

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- [Narrator] What's the best route to your new job? You may not even realize it, but you are an excellent problem solver.

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Another example of it is if you've ever done a maze and started at the end and worked your way backwards toward the beginning. What if I gave you these six matches and asked you to use them to draw four equilateral triangles? If you had trouble solving that problem, you're not alone.

Most people get stuck on thinking about this problem in a two-dimensional way. The answer, though, requires you to think about the problem in three dimensions.

You know that the password is eight numbers long, but you don't remember what it is.

If you're using the trial and error method of problem-solving, then you would just try any random combination of letters and numbers until something works.

Just a few seconds ago, you figured out how to start this video, and that may not feel like a huge accomplishment compared to, say, coming up with the theory of relativity, but every time you engage in an action or thought pattern to move from your current state toward a goal state, you're solving a problem.

Problems can be generally broken down into two categories; well-defined problems and ill-defined problems.

Insight is tricky, it's hard to predict, and harder to encourage, particularly when you're fixated on seeing a problem from the same ineffective perspective.

If you do get stuck on a problem, you can let it incubate, or just sit in your mind while you're not really thinking about it. It's like when you're trying to think of the name of that actor in a movie you saw, but it only comes to you later that night after you thought you stopped thinking about it.

You need to create a triangle pyramid with the six matches in order to form four equilateral triangles.

If you did solve that problem, try to think about how the solution came to you.


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