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In the lecture, I discussed an issue that could be considered an “easy” issue. majorities must build consensus in both chambers e. What is the formal constitutional check on the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review?

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What is the congressional check to the presidential power to recommend? there is no congressional check to the presidential power to recommend b. analyzing alternatives for interest groups to deliver grievances to congressmen c.

During those three centuries, American’s considered themselves multiracial and multiethnic e.

Americans were white, blacks were enslaved (and then discriminated against and then segregated), Asians were excluded, and Indians were massacred and set apart on reservations d.

it sets legal precedents that guide the decisions of other judges b. it allows the courts a great deal of leeway in interpreting the law d. it determines the number of justices that sit on the Supreme Court 44. President Barack Obama wishes to appoint Roger Dodger as director of the PEA.

Native Americans could no longer live in America 46.


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