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Ap Psychology Intelligence Essay-16
Psychologists who study thinking explore questions like these. What is intelligence, and how does it vary from person to person?

Cumulative Deprivation Hypothesis – Environmental Deprivation led to Predicted Erosion of IQ Scores. Flynn Effect – IQ Performance has been Rising Steadily all Over the Industrialized World Since 1930’s/ v.

Heredity Sets Limits for Intelligence, Environment Determines where Individual Falls in These Limits. Reaction Range – Genetically Determined Limits on IQ. Average IQ for Minority Groups is Lower than Average IQ for Whites. Explanations are Heritability, Socioeconomic Disadvantages, Stereotype Vulnerability, and Cultural Bias on IQ Tests. Arthur Jenson – Argued that differences in Cultural IQ Scores had somewhat to do with Heredity.

As a part of this discussion, we will consider thinking and briefly explore the development and use of language.

We will also discuss problem solving and creativity before ending with a discussion of how intelligence is measured and how our biology and environments interact to affect intelligence.

After finishing this chapter, you will have a greater appreciation of the higher-level cognitive processes that contribute to our distinctiveness as a species.

Imagine all of your thoughts as if they were physical entities, swirling rapidly inside your mind.

Explain how the research design flaw in the study can be corrected. In a well-designed study, what does it mean to say there is a statistically significant difference between groups? Circadian Rhythm ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. He is getting older and has decided to adopt a baby. Bandura’s social learning theory: sharing behavior 3. Baumrind’s research on parenting styles: self-esteem 4.

Part B: How might each of the following concepts affect the results of the study? Since he teachers a psychology course, he is looking forward to applying the principles he learned from theories and research that address child development.

Mental Age – Indicates that He/She Displays the Mental Ability Typical of a Child of that Age.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) – A Child’s Mental Age divided by Chronological Age, Multiplied by 100. Makes it Possible to Compare Children of Different Ages. Normal Distribution – Symmetric, Bell-Shaped Curve that Represents the Pattern in Which Many Characteristics are Dispersed in the Population. Deviation IQ Scores – Locate Subjects Precisely within the Normal Distribution, Using Standard Deviation as the Unit of Measurement. Modern IQ Scores Indicate exactly where you Fall in the Normal Distribution of Intelligence. IQ Tests are Reasonably Valid Indexes of Academic Intelligence.


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