Applicant Rejection Letters

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Being the person who dashes the hopes an eager job applicant is, without a doubt, the least fun aspect of being a recruiter, hiring manager, or HR generalist.

But the writing of an applicant rejection letter shouldn’t have to be painful. Mainly it’s possible because you don’t need to include much content – two brief, professionally and politely-written paragraphs are sufficient.

Know, however, that you won’t need to add much (if anything) to the applicant rejection letter you generate since basically all you need are the critical essentials noted in the applicant rejection letter sample below.

Millennium Films330 Mesa Street San Francisco, CA 9410Rebecca Cavone1349 Greene Street Oakland, CA 94577Re: Your Application for Archival Assistant at Millennium Films Dear Rebecca, Thank you for applying for the role of Archival Assistant at Millennium Films, and for your patience during the application process.

Of course, if you have dozens of applicants who have applied for a role, sending personalized rejection messages to each person who is not selected for the job can seem like a tedious and time-consuming task.

However, it’s crucial you don’t skip or delay this step.Applicant rejection letters bear disappointing news, which must be delivered.However, the goal is for the rejected applicant to continue their search for a new job with no resentment aimed at your company.We will be posting a few sales positions in the coming weeks, and hope you’ll consider applying again.Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck in your career endeavors. Jane Chan Executive Director of Sales Example rejection email for applicants who are not a good fit Hi Ed, Thank you so much for your interest in the Sales Manager position with XYZ Company.Therefore, it’s crucial that you use a gracious tone in your letter.Note that this applicant rejection letter sample makes zero mention of where the company is in the decision-making process for the job.When composing a job rejection email template, it’s important to choose your words carefully.While the recipient may not welcome the news that they haven’t been selected for a role, being kind and considerate will ensure they still have a positive perception of your company.At this time, we have chosen to proceed with another candidate who has more leadership experience.However, we were impressed with your background and industry knowledge and feel you would be a great culture fit for our company.


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