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Long Division of Polynomials: These apps are specific to using the four operations with polynomials.

Long Division of Polynomials: These apps are specific to using the four operations with polynomials.I have reviewed the division of polynomials apps, however, multiplication, addition, and subtraction of polynomials are also available.The Fractions app lets students use a bar or circle to represent, compare, and perform operations with fractions with denominators from 1 to 100.

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This app doesn't take the place of a teacher but if you're looking for some additional learning to better your understanding of a variety of algebra topics, it's worth a try. Algebra Boot Camp isn't at the top of my list for a reason.

I really like the book and find that this app is like a textbook turned into an app. This app has some basic pre-algebra like fractions, exponents, basic equations but it does lead into quadratic equations, matrices, radical and polynomials.

This app is pretty much the ​textbook turned into the app. In this circumstance, I prefer the book to the app.

However, there's always room for improvement.​​ Quadratic Master App: If you don't have a graphing calculator, you might appreciate this app.

When the teacher isn't always available, the app takes over.

There are many more apps in a variety of math topics.

Write or type any math problem and One Note for Windows 10 solves it for you — letting you get to the answer quickly, or showing you step-by-step instructions that help you learn how One Note arrived at the solution.

From basic math to calculus, One Note’s ink math assistant is everything you always wished a calculator could do.

I like the title - Course Assistant, after all, it's a stretch to say that algebra can be mastered with an app, however, the app can be a terrific 'assistant' to guide additional learning and understanding.

The step by step solutions are great, far superior to just having answers. However, this app can most certainly support and assist you in many algebra topics taught in class, it's geared for high school algebra and early college level algebra. Students can easily cheat with this app and I'm not to the point where I think any of these apps should be allowed on an exam.


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    There is one focus, manipulating and dividing polynomials. The app works very simply, it provides the student with a division problem in polynomials. The student works through each step and when the student is stuck, it's just a matter of tapping on "help me". The app then walks through the steps of solving that part of the equation.…

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