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You want to go watch your best friends play but you know that you won't get back in time to make the curfew, or say your seventeen and you want to go to a movie on a Friday night, but unless your back home before a.m.Teens today are under tremendous pressure from all sides.

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During the weekdays teens have a curfew of p.m and am on weekends.

Having a curfew for teens is supposed to reduce problems between them and the parent.

He feels that even if you force the curfew in one part of town, the crimes will still be going on in another part of town. The curfew law keeps the teens out of trouble and safe if they’re at home.

There is proof that in Philadelphia even though after being strict about the curfew it does not last for long in all areas. The laws were set up to discourage teenagers from committing acts of delinquency.

I know how much they cost because I've received one in the past. The windows on the vehicle were tinted very dark, so there is no way the officer could have seen my friend or I in the vehicle.

I was coming back from Walmart one Friday night when I was seventeen years old. We were neither speeding nor driving recklessly, so there was no reason for the officer to pull us over.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it is also another way for the city to make money.

Considering that each issued curfew ticket is 2, they eventually add up to a nice sum of money.

However, there are also people that feel that this law is vital to the well being of our communities. It provides a community with the power to regulate what time minors have to be off the streets and in their homes.

To a teenager a curfew law is just another reason for police to pull you over at night.


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