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This assignment sets out the specific terms of the assignment including a brief description of the patented invention and the consideration one co-owner will pay to the other for full ownership of the patent.It is extremely important that this business transaction be set out in writing and recorded if necessary.The Assignor agrees to do, execute and perform such other acts, documents and things as the Assignee may reasonably request in order to give full force and effect to the true meaning and intent of this Assignment, including but not limited to executing such documents as may be necessary or desirable to register, record, perfect or file the assignment of the Assignor This Assignment constitutes the entire agreement between the Assignor and the Assignee relating to the subject matter hereof and stands in the place of any previous agreement, whether oral or in writing.

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Inventors usually file a patent application to protect their rights in an invention.

Trust bank accounts shall be noninterest-bearing demand deposit accounts, except as follows: "(c) Interest-bearing trust bank accounts containing only damage or security deposits received from tenants of residential income properties managed by the broker for an individual owner may be established by the broker when directed by written management agreement, and the interest on such trust bank accounts may be paid to the owner (landlord), if the broker is by written agreement designated as 'representative of the landlord' under the provisions of RCW , Residential Landlord-Tenant Act." This administrative regulation was adopted by the director of Licensing, in 1982, under the authority granted by RCW .

And, from your letter, some confusion appears to have arisen because of the regulation's internal reference to RCW , .

There is, however, nothing in the regulation which purports to prohibit the landlord (or property owner) from assigning his or her right to interest earned on a security deposit to the real estate broker serving as property manager. Thus, if a written assignment of interest due has been executed by the property owner, assigning the interest due on the trust funds to the real estate broker serving as property manager, and the interest is then nevertheless deposited by the bank in the client's trust fund account, the broker's funds will have become commingled with the client's funds.

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Rather, as we read it, the proper role of that portion of the regulation which refers to RCW is simply to distinguish between those situations (now normal because of the 1975 amendment) where the subject interest is owned by the landlord and those where the tenant, by written agreement with the landlord, remains entitled to receive the interest accruals. But, as above noted, such commingling is expressly prohibited by RCW .

There is, in turn, nothing in chapter 59.18 RCW or in any other statute which our Orig. Page 3 research has disclosed which would prohibit a landlord who, under RCW as amended, is entitled thereto from assigning interest earned on damage or security deposits to a real estate broker serving as property manager or, for that matter, to anyone else."(1) Bank accounts shall be designated as trust accounts in the firm name of the real estate broker as licensed.On average, customers who purchase a combo package save 40% on the related forms they need.Take a look at the combo packages below to see if one is right for you.We are thus dealing, in this opinion, only with interest owned by the landlord (, that which exists between the property owner (landlord) and a real estate broker who is managing subject property on behalf of the property owner.The question posed, in essence, is whether the property owner may assign his or her interest accruals to the real estate broker‑-presumably as a part of the broker's compensation for services rendered., 13 Wn.2d 230, 124 P.2d 947 (1942).58 of the present Code, court also takes into account conditions of life and education of this person, a level of mental development, other features of his personality, and also influence of extraneous persons on circumstances softening and aggravating the punishment, and also influence of the appointed punishment on correction of the accused person and on conditions of his family’s life, shall be taken into account.Personnel Matters (PAB), a joint body which makes recommendations to the Director-General on staff matters, is solicited when the possibility of dismissal is under consideration following the failure to find a new assignment for a staff member whose post has been abolished or following the staff member’s refusal of a proposed transfer."May a real estate broker, who is managing residential income property under a property management agreement, and who receives funds or moneys to hold in trust as a damage or security deposit from the tenant who is entitled to reside in the residential income property, be designated in the written property management agreement by the owner of the residential income property as the entity to receive the interest on such trust account deposit under RCW , or other provisions of state law, notwithstanding the provisions of WAC 308-124E‑011(1) (c)?" We should, at the outset, make an important preliminary point Orig. Page 2 concerning the ownership of interest on damage and security deposits under chapter 59.18 RCW, the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.



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