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Do any other crew members like Tali, Liara, Ashley and Kaidan feature their own sidequest? The only other character who has a quest like this in the original Mass Effect is Tali, but it's less involved than either of those.

Some of these Assignments might help you unlock new locations, weapons for purchase, or even help with your current relationships among certain individuals.

Other Assignments might not offer these, instead, they might just offer you XP and Credits. In this guide, you'll learn how to complete the "Distress Call" Assignment. The first way requires you to scout around the Citadel for hackable terminals.

You have the choice of either giving it to Tali, ensuring that she has something to bring back from her pilgrimage, or you can just be a jerk and keep it.

This has no real consequences either way, even in future games. During UNC: Geth Incursions, Shepard can find a cache of data in a terminal detailing the early history of the Geth.

In the passageway between Presidium and wards (map) you'll meet a man named Zabaleta who claims to be friend of Shepard's mother. Come back to Normandy communication room and talk with your mother.

She'll confirm she know Zabaleta and ask you to convince him to go to the veterans affairs office. You can use persuasion to convince him to go there.

Pick the squadmate who seems ideal for the situation or who will compliment your squad best.

4) When you earn this, all characters will regenerate 1HP per second no matter what.

You can pay him, try to persuade him again or just shoot him. While riding the elevator in the Citadel, you'll hear a message from lt. Girard will give you the sedative and ask you to talk with her. Your task is to approach her without causing too much stress. When you will be close enough you can give her the sedative or applicate it yourself.

Return to Girard when you are done to complete the assignment.


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