Australians Are Racist Essay

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Since the 1990s there have been numerous racial vilification cases reported in the Australian media.This is due to the increase in indigenous athletes participating in Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL) and national sports organisations introducing rules to facilitate racial vilification cases. shall act towards or speak to any other person in a manner, or engage in any other conduct which threatens, disparages, vilifies or insults another person ...It also includes the actions of sporting officials and coaches, as well as media commentators.

In a moment of frustration, I expressed my want to get out of Australia and go to my 'happy place' — otherwise known as Berlin.

A nine year old school girl refused to stand for the anthem at her school's assembly and right wing commentators went into meltdown.

A cartoonist drew a racist and misogynistic cartoon of tennis players — caricaturing one as a Jim Crow era throwback while erasing the Japanese-Haitian heritage of another in a bid to portray 'white' innocence.

They weren't remotely interested in delving into the deep systemic issues which led to almost all of those other situations.

Most wanted Aboriginal opinion for the purposes of producing clickbait, and judging by the conversations I was having with other Aboriginal women at this time, I wasn't alone in my cynicism here.


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