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Second, students often have difficulty with finding a topic for their document.Third, students often misinterpret the purpose of completing a biographical paper.To make the process easier for students and to ensure that they don't receive autobiography essays that are vary so greatly that they're difficult to read, clear instructions are provided.

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A biography book report requires analysis of not only the author and the person who is the focus of the book, but also literary elements such as setting, characters, tone, symbolism, etc.

In a biography book report, the main character is obvious; it's the individual about whom the biography has been completed.

In biography projects that detail a short time during a person's life, or that concentrate on a certain event, the setting becomes easier to determine.

Still, it's acceptable to indicate how the setting changes during the course of the biography.

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n autobiographical research paper is a text that blends the writer's own experience with scholarly research in order to present an idea, point, or argument about a particular topic.

Other important characters are those individuals who have existed as major players in that person's life.

Since a biography chronicles the events of the subject's life, or a portion of that life, the setting may change throughout the course of the book.

Unlike a third-grade book report, a biography book report assignment assumes that students are capable of identifying multiple settings at their current academic stage.

The content, or events, contained within a biography are also far more detailed than they were when the assigned reading was Goodnight Moon.


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