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He wrote many essays which till today receives appreciation and is up to date.

Being an essayist his aim was to share the wisdom of his life.

Bacon’s style is most remarkable for his preciseness.

He has a great command of condensation of the sentences.

His parallel structure indicates a balance between the arguments for delay, which ultimately leads him to neither condemning or praising delay.

Bacon's essay carries a very rational and philosophical tone for its entirety.

He states if everything is presented as its real color with no additional praise, flattering comments, and illusions the society will become indolent. They add false praises in their poetry to reach a higher level of accomplishments.

Truth is utmost important in every aspect of life civil or business.

Said Jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.” Moving on he describes the reasons why people do not like the truth.

First, the truth is difficult to acquire without hard work and man is ever reluctant to work hard.


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