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In 1993, a research was conducted on the effects of Mozart which showed that listening to this kind of music produced an increase in spatial skills of reasoning in college students for approximately ten minutes.Authors of this research later complained that people misunderstood their research in popular cultures around the globe giving it an implication that it gave students a general increase in intelligence.

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The effect of television on children comes as a result of dynamic processes whereby the viewer's content and that of the television interact.

Viewers of the television are all different from one another and thus the same program being watched by viewers evokes different responses (Gleason, 2001).

When the child turns on the TV set, his/her mind is on entertainment and not on the learning aspect.

They are eager to laugh, watch an interesting and enjoyable story, watch one of their many favorite television performances, and pass time as they await their parent's to come home.

They should also be advised on how they can be selective in accepting the things they see on TV.

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Programs need to be altered to suit the requirements of children and thus the parents, teachers, institutions of learning, and civic groups have been given the mandate to see to it that all programs are increased to accommodate the needs of the needs of children who are from different age groups.

To the toddlers (17 to 24 months), the same research was carried out but no positive or negative effects were found for any media forms viewed.

However, high language scores among this group are greatly associated with the daily reading routine and storytelling sessions followed by caregivers and parents.

Children with the habit of watching television programs have developed cognitive, emotional, and physical effects.

Television watching can become addictive both to parents and children thus should be controlled at all times.


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