Bluest Eye Literary Criticism Essay

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The children are protected by the adults by being excluded from certain kinds of information.They are all happy, the children are playful and they have money.This ideal family is seen as good, and everything else, in contrast, as bad.Instead, they simply react to that pain without truly understanding it.Claudia is the exception, which is why she is the one who survives, and it is she who uses her awareness and strength to tell Pecola's story.The repression of natural love and emotion results in him becoming hateful and destructive, as is shown in the incident when he kills the family cat.If he couldn't be loved, he wouldn't let the cat receive any love or affection either.The Effect of White, Anglo Cultural Values on Non-White People The novel opens with a passage from a 1940s reader in which the ideal, white family is depicted.The family lives in a green and white house and consists of a mother, a father, a son and a daughter, and a pet dog and cat.As he grew up, he agreed with his mother that he was better than the black boys.When he couldn't stand his boredom anymore he would bully younger children or girls.


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