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[1] [2] Quote from the Baroness Mc Intosh of Hudnall https:// The main protagonist, Fashion, is the cruel and destructive character. Moreover, high-end Fashion enjoys advertising Death in campaigns (Zombie Boy as the face of Thierry Mugler’s, 2011).id=2013-03-19a.557.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Strange Case of Fashion and Death Fashion is a serial killer disguised as a prince charming. He has a rare condition called “split personality”. Although he seems fine, he creeps around, proud and ready to strike. Finally, “La Mort” inspires publications, which design influential fashion editorials (Richard Avedon for The New Yorker, 1995) This is all ironic. Put aside appearances and think health implications.Mc Fashion The curse of fast fashion Fashion suggests novelty, and novelty implies a perpetual state of “becoming,” of desire, where consumption becomes a way of life.

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Young girls grow up thinking that, one day, they will have a closet full of pretty dresses and killer (literally) shoes. He makes you feels good, you adore him, you even cherish him. Because of his changing nature, he constantly feeds you with renewed pleasure. It goes beyond Vogue’s pages or Zara’s window displays.

Fashion (manufacture) is addicted to hazardous chemicals. In academics, Dr Alison Matthews David’s research is groundbreaking.

At the very beginning, Sofia Coppola depicts a fresh and excited Marie Antoinette, who arrives in France from Austria at the age of fourteen.

At the border, and before being presented to the future king, she is restyled by French ladies of the court.

Initiatives have also been taken at the political level with NGOs such as Green Peace launching the Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign (2012), which exposed textile-manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution.

The truth is: clothes we wear are not just patterns cut and sewn together to make a garment, their story is much more macabre.Six months later, it finally collapses with the sales or super-final sales (90% off).Then in a fragment of seconds, racks, windows shops and streets will be invaded by the “freshly-squeezed” and “out of the catwalk” fashion.The three sins resonate perfectly with the excessive character of the queen, the construction of her identity and the use of fashion as an exotic escape from the dull routine of Versailles.I will illustrate each sins with examples from the movie.Are we ready to change our way of consuming fashion? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review: Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola (2006) Peacocks and Gluttons at the court of Versailles.Archduchess Marie Antoinette by Joseph Ducreux – Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette (2006) directed by Sofia Coppola.Somehow, it made me think of the seven deadly sins and how they apply to the eighteenth-century French aristocracy lifestyle (lust, gluttony, envy, sloth, pride, wrath and greed).Here, I have decided to focus on pride, greed and gluttony in order to navigate Coppola’s representation of the “teen queen”.Inspired by Antonia Fraser’s book Marie-Antoinette: the Journey (2001), Coppola’s film portraits the transformation of the young, beautiful, and rebellious queen who did not want to conform to Versailles’s codes.The film depicts the evolution of Marie Antoinette through the change of costumes and hairstyles.


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