Bowdoin Intellectual Engagement Essay

It is our hope and vision that the Bowdoin Journal of Art will become a central publication for undergraduates to showcase their scholarly work, and for art historians and art enthusiasts to glean new insights.

Students in undergraduate institutions across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada were encouraged to submit work, which was subject to rigorous review by students from Bowdoin College.

Viewers are made to look out upon the scene of the Crucifixion through the eyes of Jesus Christ himself, with aesthetic contemplation sublimated to a level of epiphanic revelation.

By granting an escape from the confines of modern living, the painting provides spiritual relief for secular maladies; a mechanism of action akin to a Freudian palliative measure.

The Journal examines themes of traditional and contemporary art practice.

The audience of nearly all undergraduate research is only one person: the professor of an individual class.

In 1905 Civil War veteran and Populist politician Samuel P.

Dinsmoor began The Garden of Eden—a decades long architecture and sculpture project located in Lucas, Kansas now preserved under the National Register of Historic Places.

The mina’i pottery process, artistic quality, and dimensions of the piece are then discussed to claim that this piece was commissioned by a non-royal, wealthy patron that would have commissioned this motif to impress his visitors during social gatherings.

The paper concludes by reattributing the piece in the light of this research and asking for more research to be conducted with this new interpretation.


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