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They launch the latest and the greatest product or they have the objective to change perceptions.

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When the objective is one and very specific, the whole event has to point in one direction. All the event decisions need to be aligned to support the achievement of that objective.

That becomes extremely difficult when the events happen on a regular basis.

Often, they are tasked with one-off events, depending on their responsibilities, and organize them on top of their existing job roles.

For instance, someone in the marketing department or in an assistant role that handles a trade show or someone in customer support who coordinates parts of a users conference.

Switch out the cocktail tables for casino tables that create unique opportunities to seamlessly add networking and play to a black-tie event. However, playing with others encourages teamwork and in a game of skill and planning such as this it can be more challenging and interesting.

These tables can be seated or stood at and with ample room for dealers and staff, it creates a casino environment at this annual corporate event. You’ll find that chess is popular, particularly in the corporate crowd of thinkers. Set clues around your venue and divide into teams, each group must race to the finish line.

Interactive décor is always a plus for engagement and this is a fantastic idea for mixing up the traditional step and repeat.

It not only has custom signage for the business or brand but also creates fun and interesting photo opportunities too.

The thirst for ideas, novelty, innovation is great, but it can be difficult to reconcile the laser-focus on corporate objectives for the event with the constant demand to come up with new corporate event planning ideas and experiences.

This is why this post will be particularly useful whether you are entering corporate event planning or you are an experienced corporate planner. Some use a corporate event planning company, while others have dedicated staff.


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