Business Plan For Dairy Farm

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Small milk producers need big efforts and grow slowly, whereas big milk producers require more capital to obtain good returns from this business.

Whatever is this, this business requires good management and care such as milking (milk extraction), feeding, diseases control measures, whether it may be a small or large scale business.

One can start this business by keeping only one or ten cattle also and can increase this business up to large scale in the following years.

Anyone can start this business having Rs 50000 or one lack as the initial capital investment. You should be well aware of which breeds should be raised so that your business can be more profitable.

If this business is done with proper planning and management, it gives maximum output.

This business is successful in every type of climate and weather.There are many government schemes and loans available for starting a dairy farming business plan.However, to make it a successful business, it requires some responsibilities including the monitoring of animals health, essential medicines for them, proper & sufficient feeding, suitable milking equipment along with waste management.The business of milking is very popular in every corner because everyone likes to drink milk daily and also uses many milk product regularly.But, cattle farming with modern milk production techniques or method in this business can help in earning a huge income in a very short interval.This is also one the cheapest business to start, that can give you more income in a very short time period.Economically, this business plays a vital role in the economy of the country, providing plenty of job opportunity to numbers of people.They can produce more milk under favorable conditions. ranging between 18 to 30 ‘C is considered as a comfortable temperature for all types of cattle like buffaloes, goat, cow, etc.You can favorable house depending on your investment and scale of business. Also, a temp, more than 50 ‘C will create a climatic stress for your cattle.Also, a well-ventilated shelter is also required for well milk production.A sufficient amount of fresh air through cattle housing is also required to ensure good health of dairy animals.


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