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I think during Roman times, the only way for someone to get close to a person of high rank is if he/she is a close friend or relative to him/her.Brutus loved Caesar but feared his power and ambition.

I think during Roman times, the only way for someone to get close to a person of high rank is if he/she is a close friend or relative to him/her.

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As the quote says, Brutus would not allow Caesar to rise to power and then turn his back on the people of Rome.

This is the only reason Brutus would conspire against Caesar.

But a piece of elastic will also get worn out and has to be thrown out. Like elastic, it is stretched and used, then immediately thrown out like it was nothing.

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In the early acts of the play, Brutus says to Cassius, "If it aught toward the general good, set honor in one eye and death in the other, and I will look on both indifferently…,,"(act 1, scene 2, ll.85-89), as he is speaking to Cassius.

"He then unto the ladder turns his back..."(act 2, scene 1, line 25).Allowing Brutus to speak to Caesar shows his respect fo... Once Brutus has made up his mind he sticks to it, and he is rarely questioned.Brutus is very accustomed to having his way without argument, which explains why he rarely listens to anyone else. He is easily stretched out, but he's also easily put back to how it used to be.Brutus is known as a tragic hero in the play Julius Caesar because he faces a major conflict between his loyalty to his friend and his loyalty to his country.Although Brutus' relationship with Caesar is strong, his relationship with the people of Rome is stronger.He made a number of decisions that were crucial to the success of the assassination.If Brutus was not involved in the assassination attempt, it likely would not have worked.Even when he decides to become involved in the assassination, he tries to make the murder seem less cold-blooded by organizing a ritualistic stabbing.Although it takes Brutus a while to commit to his role in the death of Julius Caesar, once he is committed to the plan, he sticks with it.Brutus also struggles in his decision to murder Caesar.At the start of the play, he expresses his dislike of Caesar's role and power in Rome but struggles to come to a decision about what to do until the idea was planted in his head by Cassius.


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