Clothcraft Desynthesis

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For many items from c1-c49, the clvl/rlvl is 1-5 higher or lower than the ilvl or jlvl of the item.

For fish, I'm going to mark them with a fifth "Fish Level" (flvl or f#, followed by 0 or more *s).

When you get close to the 100% mark, you will start getting no experience some of the time, and 0.01 experience some of the time.

Average d Skill experience gained for successful desynths of items r41 (highly estimated): While under the combined cap of 560.00, you do not lose desynth skill points from successful desynths.

However, for each point after 30, the percentage loss becomes 2.5% per point (instead of 1.5%).

So, the absolute earliest you can begin desynthing a non-meldable item right now is actually 34 d Skill below the item's rlvl.

This has not been attempted as far as I know - please let me know if any of these numbers are off.

We only have limited data below the 30 point difference threshold.

The important items are also listed in the CUL section of this guide. The Item Level (ilvl, or i#) is what determines the strength of an item.

The Job Level (jlvl, or j#) is the required level to equip an item.


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