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Zimbardo, Ph D, Stanford University "Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts" by Carol Tavris, Ph D, and Elliot Aronson, Ph D Arthur W. Fiske, Ph D, Princeton University George Miller Award: Linda S.Gottfredson, Ph D, University of Delaware Robert S.Mc Keachie Teaching Excellence Award for a Graduate Student: Jared Keeley, Auburn University New Investigator Awards: Timothy M.

Black Practice Award: Mary O'Leary Wiley, Ph D, Altoona, Pa.

John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career and Personality Research: Ellen Hawley Mc Whirter, Ph D, University of Oregon Dorothy Booz Black Award for Outstanding Research and Practice in Counseling Health Psychology: Larry C. Conyne, Ph D; Maureen Kenny, Ph D; Connie Matthews, Ph D; Jonathan P.

Snow Early Career Award: Allison Ryan, Ph D, University of Illinois E. Thorndike Award for Lifetime Achievements in Educational Psychology: Bernard Weiner, Ph D, University of California, Los Angeles Pintrich Dissertation Award: Lynette S.

Arnold, Ph D, University of Sydney Senior Scientist Award: Bruce A.

The ACA Fellows Awards are the highest honor granted by the American Counseling Association.

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ACA Fellows are ACA members who have contributed to the counseling profession throughout their career and have made significant contributions through professional practice, scientific achievement and governance, or teaching and training.

Daniel Teaching Excellence Award for a Four-year College or University: Jane Sheldon, Ph D, University of Michigan-Dearborn Wayne Weiten Teaching Excellence Award for a Two-year College: Kimberley Duff, Ph D, Cerritos College Mary Margaret Moffett Memorial Teaching Excellence Award for High School: Marjorie Cole, Kellam High School, Virginia Beach, Va.

Early Career Teaching Excellence Award for First Five Years of Full-time Teaching: Scott Bates, Ph D, Utah State University Wilbert J.

The Graduate Student Ethics Awards, with separate categories for master's degree and doctoral degree students, reward the exceptional and demonstrable understanding of the ACA Code of Ethics.

The Future School Counselors Awards and the Tomorrow’s Counselors Awards honor future leaders in their intended fields.


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