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The types of collections best suited for jumping around include those with multiple authors, since you might want to read particular authors first and since the essays aren’t likely to depend on other pieces to make sense.

Some essays are poetic, some are funny, some are serious, some have footnotes.

Find the subject matter you want to read about and a writing style that works for you.

The speed with which you read an essay collection does not matter.

You might finish a book in one sitting or you might take years to finish. One of the best things about reading essay collections is that you can dip in and out, read a little or a lot, and it’s all fine.

We find precisely among the heretics of all ages men who were inspired by this highest religious experience; often they appeared to their contemporaries as atheists, but sometimes also as saints.

Viewed from this angle, men like Democritus, Francis of Assisi, and Spinoza are near to one another.

You can certainly read collections that way, and I sometimes do.

All you do is open the book, look over the table of contents, get going on the first essay, and proceed from there as usual.

Some have essays all about one particular theme, while others contain a hodgepodge.

Some collections are all by one author, while others have a different author for each piece.


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