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b) Absorbent core: It is interposed between top sheet and barrier layer main function is to absorb and retain the fluid.Moreover, to have comfort, absorbent core need to be thin, soft and pliable.

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c) Barrier sheet: It seals the fluid from staining or leakages.

It is a breathable but fluid impermeable film made up of polyethylene [6].

Conventional structure and material used in sanitary napkin In order to classify the raw material for sanitary pad, first we have to understand the basic mechanism how a sanitary pad works, what are their requirements and accordingly we have to select the same.

Sanitary pad comprises of multilayered structure in which each layer have specific function to perform.

Material which are used in feminine hygiene product are derived from natural resource mostly petroleum based which cannot be reused or compost and at the same time over-exploitation of these resources have to be stopped otherwise nothing will be left for our future generation.

We have to find an alternative raw material that is sustainable in nature, without compromising on the functional requirement of the product [2].

India being a developing country, with a population of 1.34 billion, out of which 323.6 million female between the age group of 15-49 [1].

If we consider that 10% of Indian women uses disposable sanitary pad then each individual will generate at least half a kilo of waste a month.

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Textile Science & Engineering The present paper highlights the issue of non-biodegradability of personal hygiene product and how it has become a serious environmental concern all over the world.

Emphasis is given to use naturally available absorbent fibres such as organic cotton, banana fibre, jute, bamboo etc., which are widely available and biodegradable in nature having low carbon footprint which not only makes it eco-friendly but also reduces the cost of sanitary pad.


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