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Draw two overlapping circles (a Venn diagram) on the board or chart paper. Explain that Venn diagrams are useful when comparing and contrasting two subjects, two places, two things, or even two people.

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After sharing the Comparison and Contrast Guide, explain to students that they are going to compare and contrast items in cooperative groups.

Divide the class into small groups and give each group a sheet of paper and one index card that you prepared in advance (see Preparation, Step 1).

The middle area where the circles overlap is reserved for comparisons; the ideas and facts that the two items have in common.

Ask students to reconvene in their small groups from the previous session and create a Venn diagram using ideas from the compare and contrast selection that they read.

Ask students to use their Compare and Contrast Tool Kit to help remember what the clue words are.

Students can check their work on Slide 4; the clue words are highlighted within the paragraph.Have students read the text independently, then work with their groups to answer the questions below each paragraph.Remind students to use their Compare and Contrast Tool Kit as a guide.Pair students who need extra support in reading with a student or adult or provide a recording of the text selection on tape.Remind small groups to use their Compare and Contrast Tool Kit for reference.View the online guide using an LCD projector or gather your students around the classroom computer.The first nine slides of the Comparison and Contrast Guide encompassing the Overview, Definition, and Example tabs are most appropriate for this discussion.Note: Take time before this session to read these paragraphs with your struggling and ELL students.Discuss the content, show photographs of the different houses discussed in each paragraph, and try to build their background knowledge before they read in their small groups.If possible have pictures or the actual objects named on the index cards available for students who need extra support.Instruct groups to draw two columns on the paper and write the words Give each student a Compare and Contrast Tool Kit.


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