Cosmetic Surgery Argumentative Essay

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Others seek cosmetic surgery to relieve pain or ease breathing.

Incidences such as accidents, wars, and complications in physical development leave people with low self esteem.

Some argue that cosmetic surgery is positive for some patients.

For example, Gabriel Winger, was diagnosed with cancer when she was five years old. ...y Hills Cosmetic Surgery, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Breast Augmentation, Facelift.

After I examine the patient and her skin tag, I am confident that it is not a type of cancer and does not threaten her health or life. Here’s my dilemma as her doctor: If I remove the skin tag to improve her quality of life, she will almost certainly have to pay for the procedure because her insurance company will deem it cosmetic.

But if I remove the skin tag and then send it to a pathologist to evaluate, her insurance will pick up the cost because the removal can be justified as necessary to prove it wasn’t skin cancer.Yet I am frequently told that I have not sufficiently proven that.To be clear, I don’t believe that health insurance companies should give patients carte blanche to have any and all cosmetic concerns treated and to have the costs shared by others in the insurance pool.In addition to irritated skin tags, insurers also often don’t want to pay for steroid injection treatments for the painful overgrowing scars known as keloids, for the autoimmune hair loss known as alopecia areata, and even for painful cysts that form in the underarms or folds in the skin (hidradenitis suppurativa).These conditions and others can deeply affect an individual’s quality of life.Most people live long lives these days but many of them also develop chronic health problems, despite the pace of medical advances.We are living longer than ever, but not necessarily better.Not only did she loose much of her childhood by spending months at a time in a hospital, her cancer affected her development as well. Many of her hormones were affected; as a result, her face and body didn’t develop normally. More and more I find myself arguing with insurance companies to cover treatment of my patients’ skin conditions that are seriously affecting their quality of life.I fill out countless prior authorization forms and regularly talk peer to peer with medical representatives, advocating for my patients.


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