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To get work people often ask for either a blog reference or any certification.

Or else you can be part of any company for non paid internship and then start working full time as freelancer.

Get in touch to explore all available opportunities!

The offer of individual positions at a given time is based on specific projects and is therefore subject to change.

I also wrote student spotlights, which allowed me to interview prominent Carlow students, alumni, and faculty for stories that were published online and in.

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A lot of my work at the internship allowed me to learn how to use my fiction writing in a professional and informative way.Test drive a career, make connections, and build marketable skills while learning how to take the skills and theories you learn in class and applying them to real-life situations.As we build Kunsthalle Praha’s team, we will be looking for people who share our values of professionalism, creativity, teamwork, customer orientation and, of course, a passion for art.Internships allow you to build a file of work samples, learn more about the kinds of work you would like to pursue after graduation, learn how to act like a professional on the job, and network with people who can hire you or help you find a job. This semester I was hired to intern with the University Communications and External Relations department at Carlow University.To browse possible internship sites, read guidelines and requirements for completing internships, find contact information, and download a learning agreement, visit the internship page in the undergraduate section of the English Writing majors have had some great experiences in internships recently. At my internship, I wrote news releases about events or prominent people at Carlow University that were sent to newspaper journalists to cover the stories.Please do not submit an application before reading about Creative Time’s programs and reviewing the internship and departmental descriptions. Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Due to a high volume applications, only candidates who have been selected for interviews will be contacted directly regarding their application status. You'll need some skills—computer, customer service, interpersonal—but if you learn fast and are up for a challenge, that might work, too. In addition to our full-time team, we offer exciting internship and volunteering opportunities for anyone inspired by art.Do you have a valuable skill that that is not on the list above?Kunsthalle Praha’s goal is to be a leading Czech museum of art, a space for dialogue, learning and inspiration.It will be a meeting place for people of all generations who want to spend quality free time and enjoy the aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional experience of interacting with art.


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