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An example of how she might use deductive reasoning in her essay might look like this: The logic of deductive reasoning is being applied here: If climate change causes droughts and droughts affect agriculture, then it goes to figure that climate change will affect access to food.

Critical analysis is the ability to analyze material and develop underlying judgments or opinions about it.

Any time you explore ideas, opinions, information, or the creative works of others, you employ critical analysis.

To put it another way: If you want to influence and impress others with your intellect and authoritative grasp of the issues, you have to put those critical thinking skills to good use. It is the application of decision making, deductive reasoning, critical analysis, evaluating, and problem solving.

In other words, it’s all the ingredients that makes for a great essay.

Critical thinking: What would essay writing be without it? Critical thinking allows you to dig under the surface to understand and articulate a subject or point of view.

In fact, without critical thinking, essays would be highly illogical.For instance, an author might explore the gender politics in William Shakespeare’s comedies by examining his use of language, witty dialogue, and gender characterization.Empirical Analysis Another form of critical analysis is empirical analysis.Make sure your essay follows a clear, logical path toward its conclusion.An essay with muddled or incoherent logic never grabs or influences readers.This is why it helps to choose a topic and an essay type you can stand behind 100%.You use deductive reasoning every time you sit down to write an essay and whenever you make any important decision in your life.Deductive reasoning makes specific conclusions from inferences through a singular line of thought. Here’s a simple example of deductive reasoning at work: Notice how the topic starts off very broadly, then narrows its approach as it finds connections between the broad and specific statements.Logically speaking, if all dogs have canine teeth, then Tuffy, who’s a dog, has canine teeth too.For instance, an author might analyze empirical studies on criminal behavior to draw deeper conclusions about how laws, policies, poverty, or societal influences might affect that behavior, and then suggest changes in policy to address the problems she is examining.Evaluation is an extremely important skill in critical thinking.


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