Crucible Essay John Proctor Abigail Williams

Crucible Essay John Proctor Abigail Williams-88
The characters in this play are simple, common people that live in the town of Salem in the year 1692.

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The accused are charged and convicted of a crime that is impossible to prove witchcraft.

The reasons the villains select the people they do for condemnation are both simple and clear because all of the accusers have ulterior motives, such as revenge, greed, and covering up their own behavior.

Therefore, so far as his duties would permit, he trod in the shadowy by-paths, and thus kept himself simple and childlike, coming forth, when occasion was, with a freshness, and fragrance, and dewy purity of thought which, as many people said, affected them like tile...

John Proctor is a character from the Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, Throughout the play he changes from being a troubled, self-exiled, sinner to becoming a person of high moral standards.

The three major points I will be talking about in my essay about are as follows: 1 His entrance into the play where he is talking alone to Abigail and trying to convince himself that he is not an adulterer and that they did not have an affair. 3 where John tells Elizabeth that he are going to confess.

In the beginning of the play John Proctor is introduced as a farmer in his mid thirties, that is not a partisan of the town, and shows a very strong sense of self-preservation.

Like John Proctor, Arthur Dimmesdale of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter is also respected by his peers and followers.

He is decribed by the narrator like so,"Reverend Mr.

It appears as though John Proctor has come full circle and now refuses to hand the confession over to Danforth. This is what Miller is trying to tell us, that there are some things more important than life itself.

In the play, Abigail Williams is the main character in the book.


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