Cultural Artifact Analysis Essay

Cultural Artifact Analysis Essay-82
This paper provides a critical analysis of several artifacts from popular culture for the purpose of shedding new light on what those artifacts mean.

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To insure, however, that people produce drafts of substance, (no “I-dashed-off-five-sentences ten-minutes before-class, gimme credit”), I require you to produce a minimum of 2 pages for credit in your participation grade.

A √ is full credit; √- is a lowering of your participation grade by .5.

For example, if you are examining the “Failure to Launch” idea: Failure to Launch, The Waterboy, etc, The following restrictions apply: ► You may NOT analyze: 1) a film on the Class Daily Syllabus, such as Her.► Use of Film Terminology from the handout/class is expected as part of your analysis.

I'll be looking for you to employ at least 2 film techniques as part of your analysis.

).​For this assignment, please select either (at least) 3 images/artifacts and analyze their significance.• These artifacts, taken together, ought to illuminate, (make an argument) about how the Millennial Generation views a certain issue.

For example, if you guys have a more progressive view of sexuality then previous generations, what are some TV ads or magazine ads, or songs that show a more open view of sexuality?In the current generation, millenials hold a different view and they tend to see men and women as equals. It does so through the use of adverts that counter gender stereotypes.It is of note that millenials have a more open view of gender roles than previous generations. Cheu WRA 101 Fall 2017PAPER 2: SHORT CRITICAL “CULTURAL ARTIFACTS” PAPER. Background: Our study of critical discourse reveals to us that considering familiar things in new ways enhances our understandings of the artifacts that inform our everyday lives.Due Dates: Peer Response: October 11, 2017; 2 pages Final: ​October 18, 2107 (Papers due in Hardcopy at the beginning of class, not Dropbox)5 Pages double-spaced, excluding Works Cited. In this paper you will have the opportunity to analyze an artifact or artifacts from popular culture to shed new light on the meanings of those artifacts.The artifact influences how the Millenial Generation thinks about the issue of gender stereotyping by shedding light on the fact that men can, in fact, multitask just like their female counterparts.Actually, millenials strongly believe that men can do different things at once.This includes Guyland, Her, (No, you may not analyze the film itself! You may also do some outside research on your own, about the images you choose — news articles, substantial film reviews, magazines, blogs, anything but Wikipedia. This doesn't mean every specific example/detail you are going to use in your analysis; rather your thesis should include key words/concepts that provide a kind of “road map” for how to follow your analysis. What is the point of reading — what is the significance of your argument? font w/1” minimum margins), excluding Works Cited page. A Word about your Findings: You ought to be able to say something here beyond “stereotypes are bad” or “these images are unrealistic/sexist” as your conclusion. The point here, in thinking about meaning, is to say what ideas or images are perpetuated via these artifacts; how do these artifacts influence how your generation thinks about a certain issue or an idea.Every strong argumentative analytical essay contains three essential components:1. (Yes, the men in Guyland are trapped within certain conventions of gender, so what? Drafts for peer Response must be two pages.• Follow MLA format. Grading of Drafts Drafts will not be graded, but will be commented on by your classmates.Remember as you select your artifact(s) that your goal is to practice using critical analysis and critical writing to generate new knowledge about those artifacts.In this paper, your job is to select a set of cultural artifacts that share a common theme and use the critical concepts we have discussed (how Millennials view gender, sexuality, ethnicity, politics, sports, education, beauty, power, social constructionism, etc.) to discern what those artifacts mean and how they mean what they mean.​In terms of gender/ethnicity/sexuality, for instance, much of America's history of these isssues lie in cultural artifacts — in ads, figurines/dolls, toys, cars, sports equipment, in political cartoons.


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