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Data Protection Act Essay-87
The concept of states that all processes you have that in any way relate personal data of EU citizens must meet the requirements described in the GDPR.That includes data collection, data storing and data processing.

comes into force, you should make sure you know what this new legislation is about and how it will affect your business.

In this post, we will go through the 7 principles of the GDPR and will comment what they mean for your hotel.

If Ann holding the details with computer system, she would not be complained by the ladies who believe that Ann has been unlawfully discriminated.

Question three: Advice Ann of key factors which she must be aware of in ensuring that Goodwin’s plastics is adhering to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

In the notice, besides other things, you must inform your clients about the purpose of the data collection.

As stated in the legislation, this purpose must be Data can be collected and used only for those purposes that have been transmitted to the data subject and about which the consent was received.Simply put, keep the promise you gave your client in the notice before collecting the data.Use personal data only for the purposes and during the time period you indicated. The data subject must stay informed regarding the purposes, the mean and the time period of data processing.Earlier we discussed that the GDPR is very challenging for the hotel sector due to the large volume of sensitive personal data and credit card information that the hoteliers collect and process.The use of booking engines and multiple online points of payments make the hotels vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches.Each applicant is required to submit an essay, written in English (no fewer than 4,000 words and not more than 10,000 words) on a topic of personal data and privacy law in consultation with the teacher-in-charge every year. The right to confidentiality is partly covered by the data protection act 1998, the human rights act 1998 and principles established by common law.You should let your clients know what exactly you are going to do with their data and who will have access to it.As we said before in the concept of fairness, you need to stay true to your promise.You probably already know why the GDPR is so important for marketers all over the world.It is the biggest change in the data protection law since 1995 and it applies to every company that collects, processes or stores any personal data of EU citizens.


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