Day Nursery Business Plan

Day Nursery Business Plan-64
There is a need for opening a kid’s nursery school.

People from all over the world are trying to shift their job or their business to this city.

Hence there has to more and more nursery schools for providing them the best early education to build their future.

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Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School will provide them the best possible services to the kids to make them perform very well in the their educational prospects as well as in their co- curricular. The reason for enrapturing this form of ownership is that Abu Dhabi is a city which involves huge investment if any business is to be started.

2.1 COMPANY ownership The Company is being solely owned by the owner Mr. But for starting up the business or opening a nursery school in Abu Dhabi, one or more venture capitalists are needed who will invest money in the project. For such a huge amount of money there should have somebody who can have the capability to invest in the business.There are some very good schools those will give us a solid fight.They are Stepping Stones Preschool, Humpty Dumpty and first step Nursery. Fullfillment There are very less number of kid’s nurseries in Abu Dhabi.It will be a nursery school with features of the entire curriculum in one, be it a British Curriculum, Arab curriculum or Indian curriculum. Hence the main aim of the school is to satisfy the parents of the small kids by a stream lined flow of education provided to the kids.3.2 Competitive Comparison Core competencies explain the types of competition that we will be facing in the market.Basically there is only one type of competition that we will be facing in the market.There will not be much of indirect competition but there will be only direct competition among several nursery schools in Abu Dhabi.With the arrival of more and more people coming to work in the city or setting up a business in the city, there is an increment in the requirement for more and more nursery schools in the city. MARKET Segmentation We have just depicted that there are only around sixteen good nursery schools in the city.And more over there is an arrival of more and more foreign families to this city.This business plan is about opening a nursery school in Madinat Bin Mohammad Zayed in Abu Dhabi.A business plan shows the compatibility of the business with various positive and negative points.


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