Define Self-Esteem Essay

For example, a person who believes she is selfish because that is what she was told as a child although her behavior as viewed by others may be quite giving and compassionate.

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One way to make the distinction is that people who have low self-esteem and feelings of superiority will often have other characteristics of low self-esteem such as unhappiness or anxiety. Another characteristic of low self-esteem is a tendency to be impatient or easily irritated by mistakes, flaws, or inadequacies.The self-concept is a factual description of how you perceive yourself.If your perception is distorted, this description may not be an accurate depiction of you, but it IS an accurate statement of what you believe about yourself.Frequently they feel that some flaw within them means that they are not worthwhile or deserving.For many people I have worked with this flaw is not something visible to others but something magnified by the person with low self-esteem due to past experiences.However, this may be a way of covering how they truly feel about themselves.Or, individuals who have low self-esteem but are perfectionists due to their concern about what others may think of them may appear to others as thinking themselves superior.Most frequently this is directed at the self but it can also be directed at other people. Individuals with low self-esteem often determine goals and direction in life based upon what others might want or need.They often feel that their needs or desires are unimportant. This negativity may not always be externally observed but internal self-talk is usually negative.Whether that sense of self is positive or negative is based upon our experiences in life and our perceptions and assessment of ourself.If our self assessment was always accurate, I would have no need to write this article.


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