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When you do formulate questions, make sure they are thoughtful and necessary.Most importantly, remember to listen to the answers you are given.To alleviate this anxiety, we’ll walk you through three types of case studies you might be asked to solve.

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The analysis of any business case is complex, let alone when you’ve been put on the spot.Consulting is one of the professions that can help you to survive in a tough economy.This is because many companies are constantly seeking for consultants to assist them with their temporary projects, while still cutting down costs that a full-time employee would cause.If you become overwhelmed and miss a piece of information, ask for it again.If you have a number of problem-solving techniques up your sleeve, choose which one to use.This provides both the interviewer and yourself with a structure to follow. This part takes some practice, so it’s best to have completed a few mock cases with friends, colleagues or family. You’re being tested on how quickly you can analyse a case and present it on the fly in a high pressure situation.Explain the steps you are taking and focus on the reasons why you are taking them. Speak clearly and concisely with confidence and good eye contact.Show the recruiter that you have the skills to communicate with clients of all ages and deliver presentations in a calm manner, despite how you are feeling inside.You won’t be doing yourself any favours if you rush.Here are the most important things for you to think about on the day: To help you clarify your thoughts (and complete maths sums if need be) make sure you have pen and paper.You don’t want to look unprepared by asking to borrow a pen before the interview has even begun! Listen to what is being said and jot down any first impressions or questions you have.


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