Descriptive Essay About A Memorable Event

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However, since I was behind the small boy and saw his helplessness, I did not want to experience the sight of a small helpless boy being mauled mercilessly right in front of me by two pit bulls.

I continued to yell frantically at the pit bulls and ran toward the small boy.

Over the past few days, his parents have been asking him to renew his license, but they have not given him a reason for such a directive.

Because Mike considers his parents annoying, he continually ignores them.

Even though I ran toward the boy, I had no idea of how I was going to save him.

With my bag on the road and books scattered, I ran after the pit bulls toward direction of the boy, while continuing to yell at the pit bulls.

When I saw the small boy running away and the pit bulls coming after me, I felt a sense of relief, even though I was supposed to be afraid that the pit bulls would maul me.

I tried running away and waving at a passing car to save me, but alas, the pit bulls were right there by my side. I was highly relieved to learn that it was the owner of the dogs, as the dogs immediately rushed to the car when the person inside it stepped out.

News was constantly filled with shocking as well as appealing events, and more interestingly, each time one event seemed to pave way for another.

Perhaps, the juiciest event was the journalist who hit global headlines by attempting to hit President Bush with his shoes. Memorable School Experience While I had a number of memorable high school experiences, the one that stands out the most in my memory was actually a negative occurrence at the time.


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