Descriptive Essay Over Baseball

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Not about how to pass, dribble or shoot, but when to pass, dribble, or shoot and why.

I learned all about positioning and various other strategic maneuvers, and games became less about which team had the best players that could dribble the ball around the defence and score, and more about which team was the best at playing with each other.

He gave me a quick explanation of what to do and or the rest of the practice I had fun stopping the offense and kicking the ball back up to the field.

Going to games and practices quickly became things I looked forward to during the day.

Nobody ever told me to encourage my teammates, but I started because my coach would congratulate me when I stopped the other team from scoring, or took the ball from someone.

After a while of this, I started doing the same thing for my other teammates.

While playing soccer with Fairmount, my dad also put me into a baseball league.

Baseball was the sport I had originally played with my dad when I was a kid.

This game was one of the key events in my life that taught me never to give up, and about the importance of perseverance.

If everyone just gave up after messing up once, the world would be set back hundreds, if not thousands of years.


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