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The ego is the seat of intelligence and rationality since it checks and controls the blind impulses of the id.The third part of personality, according to Feud, is the Superego.He identified the psychic energy which operates the different parts of an organism.

The ego is the seat of intelligence and rationality since it checks and controls the blind impulses of the id.The third part of personality, according to Feud, is the Superego.

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This part is illogical, blind, demanding, insistent, and unconscious, lacks organization, and cannot tolerate tension.

The Id never matures and remains the spoilt part of human personality.

This is the part that is responsible for ensuring realistic human behavior and logical thinking.

It formulates plans of actions for satisfying individual needs.

According to Freud, human beings have sexual instincts that unfold in distinct stages right from birth (Zerucha, 2003). The source of the drive is peculiar to each stage and is called the erogenous zone and shifts with time. The first is the dynamic component or the economic concept.

Freud too up the concept of energy and applied it to human behavior (Papalia et al., 2007).

Sigmund also identified another class of instincts called Thanatos which represented death and aggression.

Libido is the special form of energy used by the Eros.

The third and the most significant component of psychosexual theory is the stage component. In this theory, Freud explains the development of child from birth to the adolescence stage.

He observed that the demands of each of the stages must be fulfilled, otherwise the individual becomes fixated.


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