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For a Ph D, you are creating new knowledge - you have discovered or invented something that was not known or existed before.If you can show that you have done this, you deserve a Ph D.

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After all, they've spent numerous years seeing just how much knowledge is out there, and realizing that despite their new expertise, in the big scheme of things, it's actually a pretty small piece.

I've just completed my Ph D, and one of the things that my advisor mentioned to me was very helpful, especially when I was feeling a bit of what I've described above.

Based on that reminder, I framed by defense slides by beginning with a very quick review of the original candidacy, including a slide with a short problem statement.

At the end of the defense, I pulled up another copy of that slide and addressed each point in the original problem statement, explaining how I'd addressed it.

Negative results that just disprove the initial work hypothesis may be near equally significant.

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Allison Bannister ’14 is currently working on her Ph D in Communication and Rhetoric at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

I was wondering since then, is there really any general answer for that?

or the answer should be given describing my own work and then emphasis them how it is important for research field? is a measurable contribution to a sum of human knowledge.

So, the way I see it; if you have survived until the end of your thesis defence AND fulfilled all criteria set by the university after all it's the university that grants the title, and thus its the institution's responsibility to make sure that the titles they bestow upon candidates is up to the international standard. This question is not a check if you are over self-confident or anything the like.

Simply provide arguments why your Ph D work matches the acceptance criteria that a valid for that institution. If criteria seem not obvious for some reason, emphasize the scientific novelty (some details you have investigated first ever) and any scientific recognition of the results (accepted papers, attended conferences).


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