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Now proceed to edit your default sample questionnaire or create a new one by clicking “Create Questionnaire” and then entering a survey title.To edit existing questions, hover over the desired question and click the icon or double click anywhere on the question to bring up the question dialog. Click the icon to bring up the add question dialog or click the icon within the question’s context menu to clone the question.To get started, go to the distribute page by clicking “Distribute” in the top navigation.

Embed Perhaps you have space on a website where you would like to directly place the survey.

With an anonymous survey, your responders are not required to identify themselves before taking your survey, making the survey available to anyone with access to your unique survey link.

In a controlled study, responders are usually known ahead of time and assigned some form of login credentials before the survey is distributed.

Lastly, click “survey-preview” to preview your survey and double check all of your questions and answers to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or missing questions or pages.

There are six different ways of distributing the survey.


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