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Emergency applications are made in this office requiring immediate appearances before the court. For more information visit the court’s Divorce Resources page.All signed orders from the matrimonial judges are processed through the matrimonial clerk's office. Is someone else able to pick up or drop-off my divorce papers? I cannot find my spouse, can I still file for divorce? I want to file for a divorce, but I cannot afford to pay the filing fees, I am not working at this time, what can I do? The filing fees include 0.00 for the index number and 5.00 for the note of issue.

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In the event the plaintiff (person starting the divorce) cannot locate their spouse, they must get permission from the court for an alternate means of service, by filing a motion for such relief. I want to file for a divorce, but I cannot afford to pay the filing fees, I am not working at this time, what can I do? The parties in a matrimonial action are divorced once the judgment of divorce is signed by the judge.

You can request that the court waive your fees in your divorce action by completing the forms for a poor person order and submitting them with your summons and complaint and proof of income to the Matrimonial Clerk's office. In an uncontested divorce, if a postcard is submitted with the papers, you will be notified by the court when the judgment of divorce has been signed by the court.

360 Adams Street, 10th Floor North Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-296-1714 This office receives and processes all applications for matrimonial (divorce) proceedings in Kings County.

Requests for relief during the pendency of the divorce as well as post judgment applications (those requests made after the divorce is final), are filed with the matrimonial office.

After a divorce, you might be confused about some of the divorce documents.

Each one of the divorce papers serves a different purpose.Additionally, if your former spouse must pay all or part of the marital debt, you'll want to make sure your ex is doing that; otherwise, you could still be held responsible for the debt.After you get your divorce decree, make sure you: Divorce Certificate A divorce certificate is a completely different document from a divorce decree. Instead, your state's health department or bureau of vital statistics issues the certificate.If you are having someone else pick up your papers, you must provide them with a notarized letter authorizing the County Clerk or Supreme Court to allow them to view your file and/or copy papers in the file, including the judgment of divorce. I cannot find my spouse, can I still file for divorce?Personal service of the initial divorce papers (summons with notice or summons and complaint) is required by statute.This is usually the same place where you get your birth certificate. Here is a list of the biggest blunders people make when they write a trust so you know exactly what to avoid.Unlike a lengthy divorce decree, a divorce certificate is a simple document that shows: Often the biggest hurdle seems to be picking between a living trust and a will. Your living trust document creates your trust, but it is not functional until you actually transfer ownership of your assets to it.Some states have divorce decrees in the county clerk's office, so you will need to check with your state.Usually only people who were parties in the divorce, or their lawyers, can pick up the decree. After you receive your divorce decree, you'll want to make sure you're obeying the decree and that your former spouse is, too.Requests for relief while the case is still going on can be done by notice of motion, but the return date, unless ordered otherwise by the court, must be only on the judge's motion dates.There is a .00 motion fee for all motions and orders to show cause. What do I do if my spouse is not complying with the divorce judgment order?


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