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Examiners must be satisfied that your thesis represents a significant and substantial piece of research, is conveyed in a lucid and scholarly manner and that you have a good general knowledge of your academic field.

Further information about the types of graduate courses offered at Oxford, their titles and duration is provided here.

Mit dieser Fokussierung auf die reziproke Beziehung der Performativität von Gender sowie der Medialität des Performativen leistet die Studie einen wichtigen Beitrag zu den Gender-Media Studies. Zur (Re-)Medialisierung von Geschlecht im Comicfilm. Bielefeld: transcript, Februar 2016, Reihe: Edition Medienwissenschaft.

My current position within the department involves teaching and research within the fields of environmental sustainability and human geography.

"These campaigns create a blurriness between marketing and public health messages," says Dartmouth physician-researcher Steven Woloshin.

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"People tend to view them with less skepticism, particularly when there is a trusted celebrity spokesperson." The Dr.

After the defense, I now have fulfilled every requirement for obtaining the grade of a "Dr.

phil", but -- as it is German law -- I am not yet allowed to carry that title.

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, Dr Samantha de Witte successfully defended her Ph D. The title of Dr de Witte’s dissertation was “Probing the immunomodulatory potential of mesenchymal stromal cells”.

MERLIN Coordinator Prof Phil Newsome, University of Birmingham, UK was one of Samantha’s external examiners.


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