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(1618 Wörter) Wenn du dieses Dokument verwendest, zitiere es bitte als: "Educating Rita",, Abgerufen Uhr Es handelt sich hier um einen fremden, nutzergenerierten Inhalt fr den keine Haftung bernommen wird.

(1618 Wörter) Wenn du dieses Dokument verwendest, zitiere es bitte als: "Educating Rita",, Abgerufen Uhr Es handelt sich hier um einen fremden, nutzergenerierten Inhalt fr den keine Haftung bernommen wird.

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The drama I'm going to present now is called " Educating Rita" and written by Willy Russell. The drama was first put on stage in 1980 and won the Society of West End Theatres Award for Best Comedy in the same year.

In 1983 it was made into a film which was very successful as well, so that it was even Oscar nominated.

One can picture her in slightly tasteless clothing, perhaps with bold makeup on. The reader can picture a languid, reclining nude in classical Baroque or Renaissance tradition, and can then imagine the degree to which it is "erotic." This is an important image: Rita in a working-class pub, surrounded by her husband and mother and their friends, singling sadly along to anodyne songs and watching her mother break out into tears.

One can picture the fraught emotions Rita is experiencing as she feels acutely the sense of not belonging anywhere.

- setting: only one place - Franks office - all the walls are covered with books - bottles hidden behind the books - only two desks and two chairs (phone) - dreadful, sad, with no life - influence of her social background - thinks practically 1- first lesson, first meeting between Frank and Rita - start talking about literature - many misunderstandings - reason: she thinks in her world - examples (Folie???

) - humour - also fresh, wants to become another person - spontaneity, breath of air in the room - she thinks everything of the educated class is brilliant (sad office) - culture, Rita: she has no, way of living doesnt have a meaning - art/literature feeds her inside - thinks her way of living has no value (Wert) - starting with literary, Howards End - crap, rubbish, doesnt understand this - in the following lessons she tries to write an essay, not successful (not writing about the topic, only one sentence, not based on arguments) - is soon able to distinguish (sich auszeichnen) good, intellectual books and others - doesnt think of meanings, criticizes a book following her feelings (as she is used to) - husband: doesnt understand her, wants to have a baby, working class - problems with Denny get worse; he also has a picture of life in mind, different from Ritas(belonging to the working class ideals - next time: Denny burnt all her books, on pill again - she wants to have a choice (not only between washing powder, TV programmes) - leaves Denny - during the conversations, understands more and more - essay better - go to the theatre, again, loves it - becomes evident (klar; einleuchtend; offensichtlich) again that shes not very self-confident, not enough education - invitation to dinner, first says yes, doesnt come - reasons ridiculous(lächerlich; läppisch)?The symbolism shows Rita’s struggle to open the door for change, her future and her new found confidence.Another form of symbolism is the window in Frank’s room.; didnt know what to wear, what to talk about, which wine to bring(doesnt belong to this class, unsure (stupid woman, gives all a laugh) - caught in the middle (Folie) - end: - good essay - Frank is afraid that she will abandon her uniqueness (Eindeutigkeit) by getting educated, standardised(standardisieren; normieren) - something like a love story, Frank interested in an affair (irrestible thing, why didnt you walk in here 20 years ago) - Rita not interested, affair belongs to her old life, literature more important than life (love), Frank: life (love) more important than literature (experience) - drinking problems become worse, finds hidden bottles, wants Frank to stop drinking 2.act - change really visible - change of roles; role reversal(pupil dependened on teacher-teacher dependened on p.- returning from summer school - new selfconfidence - new clothes, own style - very educated now - first insider talk is possible - hes very surprised that she already knows Blake - Frank has problems with Julia - only step back, voice - doesnt depent on Frank anymore - flatmate Trish, overwhelmed (überwältigt) - talked to other students - changed her job( bistro - understands now literary criticism - at the end of course, reads Franks poems --great - F.dont want to teach her anymore, too good, cant bear(ertragen) that she is educated now - changed her name into Susan - passes the exams, great teacher, now she had the choice - doesnt admire (bewundern; verehren) Trish that much any more (cool-suicide) - educated, exited, confident, full of news, given up smoking - Frank not that positive: Has two take to years of holiday (sacked( entließ) from school) - left by Julia - going to Australia - gives her a present.The symbolism also shows Franks unwillingness to change.The consequences of wanting to open the window show us as the responder how much Rita strived to change and enter the world of being educated.‘For better or for worse, moving into the world requires change’ How are the consequences of these changes represented in your prescribed text and one other text?Individuals face both negative and positive consequences, physical and psychological.


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