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I didn't know what did she do but the bully said don't play, don't talk, don't help and even don't smile with her.

All the bully in my class is all bad study but fortunately, I have my friends, they like my sisters. But in general, if you being bullying, you need to find help with your good friends or teachers.

Sometimes I come across people who are apparently impatient to bully someone just to work off. I don't feel I'm coward, but I feel poud, because I don't have to laugh the bully in their face! People have different styles, different labels of shoes and many thinks like that.

I had been bullet at my school for once by some girls, The girls we're year 8 and I am year 11 . I was sorry to hear that you've been bullied but it's great that you told the head of year and that it has been sorted out.

We can see this behavior principally in the schools, between partners and, sometimes among teacher and student.

In our country, we have had some cases of suicide of kids and teenagers because of the bullying.I'll give you guys a "Fighting" for your school time.: ) I bullied at school when I was junior high school.I dunno know why people around me can be so wicked like that just because I'm a little bit poor people than the others.I think, people awarness should be increase, both teacher and students.Teachers should be aware of stopping the bullying in schools or their classes. It's sad to hear about the bullying in your school. Only they have a another religion or another skin color. Bullying has to be stopped and I agree that teachers can do more about it.But it sounds like you're responding in a really supportive way for your friends. Jonathan (Learn English Teens Team) Bulling takes place where people feel stressed more or less. But I think that a person that has been bullied,has to ignore bullies. Bullying is also common at my school, I think the reason why are people bullying at my school is the difference.Nowadays, bullying is a global problem and, Colombia isn't out of this issue.Here, bullying has increased exponentially in the last years.Best wishes, Rachael Learn English Teens team In my city having a decreasing rate of school bullying .10 years ago My city having a increasing rate of school bullying .


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