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Some characteristics of modern birds are feathers, beak, egg-laying, high metabolic rate, four-chambered heart, light weight but strong skeleton.

Certain birds are kept near coal mines for the prediction of mine explosion, as birds are sensitive to the release of high levels of carbon monoxide beyond permitted limits and begin to die. Most communication happens through sounds that they make or singing that they do.

They live in flocks, hunt, breed cooperatively and participate in social behaviors.

The lesson that should be drawn from the above discussions is that we must not disregard anything unpleasant to us to prevent it from causing us big trouble later.

BIRDS are some of the most amazing animals on earth.

“A stitch in time saves nine” literal meaning is plain and simple.

A small tear or hole in a garment can be corrected or remedied if attended to in time.

The drastic fall in a number of water birds because of the pollutants like poisonous chemicals and pesticides being constantly added to the water bodies.

Also, birds living close to the river banks consume polluted water and die.

Birds incubate the eggs they lay and take longer care of the hatched birds as parents.

Birds have the freedom to move anywhere they want and care for no boundaries of political or cultural divide except the suitability of the environment.


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