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After that I walked home which were only two doors away.The main objective of this website is to provide quality study material to all students (from 1st to 12th class of any board) irrespective of their background as our motto is “Education for Everyone”.

After that I walked home which were only two doors away.

After that, the principal of the school presented a speech in which he praised the students and praised the teachers for their great efforts to teach their students and encourage them to innovate and help them to solve the problems they experienced, whether academic or social problems.

He wished the students more excellence and success The students also gave each other a wish, hoping for success in the coming years.

The party started in our large dinner hall in the evening. I stood before the cake in a fascinating dress and looked like a princess as the study of snaps later told me. There were about twenty of us children gathered in Reema’s house. Everyone, especially Reema, was wearing a pretty dress and was looking the most beautiful with a smile on her face.

The place was well-lighted with colourful lamps, balloons, ribbons and bunting. I cut the cake after extinguishing all the candles but one. Every guest was given a piece of cake, sweets, namkeen, cold drinks, ice-cream, etc. At about four-thirty her mother brought out the birthday cake.

When I arrived to the beauty salon, there were a lot of people waiting for the service, that mada me feel stressed, also my stress increased because I already had a date but the hairdresser did not respect it.

After that, I arrived home to get dressed becuse the time to go to the church had arrived.My graduation day essay ,the celebration of the graduation ceremony was through a beautiful party held by the school under the auspices of the principal of the school and attended by students and teachers and parents of the students and provided some entertainment shows.Today, my school has held an annual graduation ceremony in which high school students are enrolled after passing the tests successfully and exceeding them and offering them certificates of appreciation and praise for their good conduct and discipline during the academic year.Suddenly, I saw my parents arguing and that made me feel so down.After short time, I saw that my father hit my mother, obviously I did not want that them to kich up a fuss; but who kicked up a fuss was me!So, I stood up from my chair and I went to my father and I asked him what was happening; in addition, I shouted him that I did not want to see him never again.After that, he went out from the reception and I did not see him duting three months.And everyone went away and each of the students carries a beautiful memory inside him about the years he spent in school and about his friends who spent the most beautiful time with them. Este es un blog que utilizaron mis alumnos en la clase de escritura, lo incluyo como muestra de un recurso para la materia de Diseño y uso de Recursos didácticos para el Diplomado en Competencias Docentes (12 Agosto de 2010) REMEMBER THAT IN ORDER TO IMPROVE OUR WRITING AND GET NEW IDEAS, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SHARE AND SEE OTHER WRITING STYLES. I was happy because my graduation party, but I was sad because my parents´problems.Today, I have good relationship with my father, but I will not forget that poblem which made me feel very sad.To conclude, my graduation party was exciting because I graduate from high school; on the other hand, thay day was one of the sadest of my life.


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