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Essay About Health-19
Health is the most precious thing that we have, that is why we have to do everything possible to keep it.

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Only healthy nutrition can provide optimal growth and development of a child. First of all, healthy style of life means refusal from harmful habits.

Healthy, correct nutrition gives us maximal capacity for work and good state in mature age, health and long life length in old age. They are the main factors that do not let our body implement its main function, to survive and keep the health and ability for work in the most unfavorable ecological conditions.

So in this healthy lifestyle essay we are going to tell you what these ways are.

Read carefully, and I hope you will get much use of this essay on health.

When we see a person with extra weight, we intuitively understand that his lifestyle is not healthy at all.

Big amount of food do not let our digestive system function in normal way.You should get rid of it if you want to lead healthy lifestyle and to keep your health till the old age. It is wrong to think that the only negative consequence of the habit to overeat is obesity.Unfortunately, extra weight (obesity) is just an external sign of the changes that happen in our body because of systematic binge eating.The most essential microelements (vitamins and minerals) are not assimilated.Not digested food fills the guts (that is why those who eat a lot often suffer from constipation).Overeating is also not compatible with healthy style of life.The habit to unlimited amount of food is extremely harmful.How to keep health in a big city Is it possible to keep strong health till the old age and to live long life in a big city? Healthy lifestyle and healthy food will help us to do this.We all know how much unfavorable the ecological situation is in big (and in many not so big but industrial) cities.Healthy lifestyle is healthy food Another bad habit that does not suit to healthy lifestyle is contemptuous attitude to what you eat, i.e. Often we “throw in our stomach” everything we see, it sounds harsh but it is so. There is a saying: “Food should be our medicine, and medicine should be food”. In this case the body will “correct the mistakes” itself.“Sandwich” system of nutrition, different fast food, “Mc Donald’s”, various soda drinks, canned products and so on. Eating many various “food additions” (plus constant medicaments intake) led to the appearing of many allergic diseases. Food selection and reasonable amount of food is the second step on the way to healthy lifestyle. So why do we follow the recommendations of advertising choosing food, instead of listening to doctors’ advice? If there were more natural vitamins and minerals in our nutrition, we would feel much better.


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