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One of the first issues that come to the minds of people is the low success rate.As of right now the success rate of cloning is under 10%.

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In addition, no human has ever been cloned before and that scares people about the process.

( Even though there is a very low success rate there still is a 10% chance that it will work, but let’s look at all of the drawbacks that even come with the first step in being successfully cloned.

Magnus findings are extremely useful because they shed insight that even though you can spend thousands of dollars on getting your pet clone, it will not be the original pet you were expecting.

h There are other reasons that cloning might be beneficial for society, if it’s properly done.

Americans today tend to believe that cloning would become a big part of our society in the future, but in the discussion of cloning, there have been many controversies, for instance, the cloning of livestock for food and the business of cloning pets.

While there might be some beneficial issue for cloning such as the medical research and medical advances, people tend to take advantage of everything that might bring money.

In the articles “Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty” by Carolyn Said, Lou Hawthorne said that “we would have to be dumb not to see a business there” He suggests to turn cloning into a for profit venture that would benefit his company.

By focusing on the business of cloning Hawthorne overlook the deeper problem that cloning might bring in the long run.

Scientific research in the field of cloning should be used for the benefit of humanity and shouldn’t be conducted for the profit.

Since the first cloning success story of Dolly the Sheep, many people thought that cloning could now be used to their advantage.


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