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“Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield is a story written about an older, somewhat lonely woman.In the story, it quickly becomes clear to readers that character tries to see good in all things.

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In conclusion, the writer uses many forms of Marxism throughout the story effectively.

Although readers may want Miss Brill to end up happy, content, or somehow overcome the young couple we leave her seeming somewhat conquered.

Every Sunday, Mis Brill emerges from her “room like a cupboard” (138) to involve herself in as many lives as she possibly can.

Miss Brills routine involves her strolling through the Jardins Publiques, listening to the band that plays under the gazebo, watching people, eavesdropping, and returning home after buying an almond cake.

After she puts on the coat, she goes to the park where she feels to have significance.

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It is here where most symbols of Marxism are found in the short story.

The story begins by the speaker showing us how excited Miss Brill is about going to the park, people watching, and listen to the music play.

Because of the new fall air, the character is able to get out her old fur coat she has been longing to wear.

In my opinion, when the story begins readers may mistake Miss Brill for someone of bourgeoisie status; not because of her attitude but because of her adorn fur coat.

It is not until the young couple, who may be seen as bourgeoisie, humiliates her that we see she may be a part of the proletariat status because of her defeat.


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